Videography, post production


Working alongside director and set designer Furmaan Ahmed to capture live performance videos of new songs by CLOVES, with the intention of cutting this to feel like a music video.

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shrek 666


Photography (2020) 

Photoshoot documenting a workshop held at Civic House by drag artist Shrek 666 and performer David Ronan, teaching the participants prosthetics and characterisation skills. These images capture the final creations of those involved.


Walt disco


Album Artwork, set design (2019) 

Various photoshoots with frequent collaborator Walt Disco. Photography and set-design for the front and back cover of the 'Dancing Shoes' vinyl, photography and set-design for promotional press shots, and photography for 'Strange to know nothing' artwork.





Music Video (2019) 

A genre-bending extended music video for Walt Disco's 'Dancing Shoes', and remix by producer and performance artist TAALIAH. The film was conceptualised, directed, filmed and edited by myself, and features queer performers Ewan Keith-Driver and Fran.K, with styling by drag artist Shrek 666. An ambitious piece with very little budget, this project is a product of community support, with every person involved in the film-making aspect of this work belonging to Glasgow's queer community.


Photographic Performance series (2019) 

Within the 'stage' created by the camera frame, participants are encouraged to experiment with their bodies, environment, and possessions in order to communicate a sense of identity to the viewer without showing their face. The work intends to capture a portrait of the individual through their creative process, and their curation of materials and aesthetic; acting as a study on the performative nature of both portraiture and of identity itself. 





Photography + Digital Imagery (2019) 

Closet Monsters manifests the horror of queer otherness as a portraiture series of imagined characters. The monstrous connotation of queerness is celebrated as a fundamental aspect of queer culture; an affinity through which we can imagine and construct identities intended to challenge the monopolization of beauty and tastefulness by cis-hetero society. Makeup by MVBMUA.



Poetry Film (2019) 

An exploration of gender and privilege through poetry and performance. This short film was adapted from the poem of the same name by award winning poet Leyla Josephine, commissioned as part of the Vox Liminis project Distant Voices, and brought to life by performer Axel Gutapfel. The collective work draws inspiration from Leyla's work with young men in Polmont Prison, and my own experience of having a family member in prison. Shortlisted for the October 2019 John Byrne award, and long listed for the Outspoken awards in Poetry in 2019's film category.






Performance + Photography (2018-2020) 

An essential part of my practice, self-portraiture is the most expressive aspect of my work, allowing me the freedom to experiment with performance, technique, and style. Each image is created intuitively, essentially capturing my intrinsic motivations and ideas through the creative process. This way of working inspired the 'Proscenium' series.


from home

Music Video (2019) 

Music video for 'Money From Home' by Acrylic. Conceptualised, directed, filmed and edited by myself, with choreography & performance by

Hannah Benjamin and Marios 






the yards

Photography series (2018) 

The Yards is a landscape photography series which documents the surrounding areas of Shotts, Barlinnie, and Perth prisons. The work intends to capture the juxtaposition of the functional nature of a prison, and the often beautiful environments in which the buildings are situated. Some of these images were used by Vox Liminis as online covers for music produced as part of their Distant Voices project.


ice cream

Music Video & Photoshoot (2018) 

Music Video for 'Melted Ice Cream' by LUCIA, co-directed with the artist, filmed and edited by myself.


Promotional photoshoot and set-design released to coincide with the video.





Photography, set design (2018) 

Performative photography series which narrates the inner conflict between genderless self-expression and internalised homophobia in relation to sexual desire.


Documentary Film (2018) 

Mercy is a short documentary which explores the term 'safe space' through an interview with dominatrix Megara Furie. Often demonised as an aggressive environment, here the dungeon is considered as a progressive space which many consider a sanctuary.